Gear units

Standard gears in motor and non-motor versions with legs or flange and attached standard, brake or special motors. You can choose between one-, two-, three-, four-speed or a combination of double gears.

SIZE: 1 – 9
i = 1.33 to 10109
P = 0.09 to 132 Kw

Control is possible with the help of frequency power control:
P = 0.75 to 132 kW.

Field  of use

Gears are used to drive assembly belts, conveyor belts, lifting platforms, elevators, machine tools, centrifugal pumps, woodworking machines, mixers, gear pumps, cranes, elevators, shears, cement mills, etc.

Key words gears, gears, multistage gears, double gears, motors, brake motors, woodworking machines, conveyor belts, gear pumps, lifting platforms, centrifugal pumps, gearbox, gear motors, gearboxes, gearboxes

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