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As the largest manufacturer of drive technology in Slovenia, we are also focused on the production of special gearboxes to order and customer wishes. These are completely atypical and prototype reducers of all types of gears – straight, oblique, double oblique and arrow.

Our mission is based on research, development and application of completely new innovative products with high added value.

Our development team actively participates in the development and design of gearboxes manufactured according to the requirements and plans of the client.

With the help of computer-aided 3D drawing and engineering knowledge, we help to draw and decide on the construction and gearing, as well as the production of new reducers and power transmissions for various purposes.

We make reducers according to your documentation and wishes, and in accordance with the technical documentation.
With our engineering knowledge, we help you throughout the design process to select and determine the key parameters needed to determine the power, torque, speed of the power transmitter.

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On gears and reducers we can attach our AC motors, motors from other manufacturers of any size or. fully dedicated engines.

Our design and sales office also offers support and assistance in choosing and deciding on the renovation, replacement, manufacture of new machine elements or the complete manufacture of a new gearbox, be it a gearbox of Strojna Maribor, or a gearbox of another manufacturer.

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