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Strojna is a company with a tradition, as its beginnings date back to 1906, when the industrialist Eylert established an overhaul workshop for the repair of textile machines in Melj. Even then, the company was engaged in the manufacture of gears and worm gears. During the Second World War, the company moved from Mel to Linhartova ul. 11, where it is still today. Until 1959, the company operated under the name Remont, and since then it has operated under the name STROJNA.

With the change of name, a new era began for the company. It began to develop its own production program and in 1962 began mass production of gears and later worm gears. Over the years, we have developed a complete program of drive technology, which includes:

Our production capacities consist of modern, highly productive machines, which enable the achievement of high quality production and the production of large batches. By constantly renewing our machinery and introducing state-of-the-art technology in the manufacture and control of gears, worm gears and housings, we follow the requirements of the global market and keep pace with competing companies. In our development department, in cooperation with institutes, foreign partners and faculties, new products of propulsion technology are always being created.

We want to offer our customers the most modern and most structurally complete gearboxes, thus securing a place among the world’s most important manufacturers of drive technology, regulations and the implementation of individual logistics lines in production cells.

Our goal is to convince customers with the entire service according to their wishes and requirements, taking into account the quality and timely production and delivery.

Modernly designed production park, quality control throughout the entire production process, optimal technology allows us to produce quickly, accurately and affordably.

We process only the best materials using the most modern technology. MACHINE is recognized by highly qualified employees, control and testing. Whatever we produce for you, be it regular mass production or parts to your order, we always try to optimize the work and be oriented to the customer and his wishes.


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